Don’t hate on Mondays: cue your inner hero

Coffee and Cookie Beneath Large Cork NoteboardCreative minds need the hum-drum dum-de-dum daily grind to recharge our batteries, affording us only the time to sift pay dirt rather than wallowing in muck.

My best stuff is written jogging at noon or in nooks & crannies between meetings; is yours? Without catastrophe (the well pump is broken again, I have 50 documents to reformat in a week, the kitchen is a dump) I’d psyche myself out. Writing the few words I can squeeze in during a stop light, or in the twilight moments before sleep, or dictating to my phone on my way into work, I can review the lot and weed through the worst before that first cup of Saturday morning coffee. Imagine all the crap I haven’t had time to write because I was busy making a living! So here’s to the Monday slog that gives us a chance to slyly don a power suit beneath the Clark Kent disguise.

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